Cypher Online Hip Hop Classes

Break it down and build it back up and get BreakFit. The Cypher Experience, the leading Hip Hop HIIT Dance Fitness classes sweeping Tampa is now available anywhere you can access the internet. Do it from your living room, your office, the parking lot or even in the grocery store. Have fun getting in some “you time” where ever you need it.

Forget about the stress of the day and that to-do list and take various classes from 15-30 mins by a certified Cypher Experience MC (our trainers) and experience how a dance fitness class should feel. Feel good about your workout and break off a few mins for you and burn some calories. 

Cypher Crew Sub Members get 4 videos per month, one dropping each week. Our class runtime is from 20 minutes up to 60 minutes taught by one of our certified trainers. Within the 4 videos, you’ll have access to hip-hop dance fitness choreography. If you love dance fitness, looking for a serious HIIT workout and love hip hop this is your program.

Try 7 days free, then billed monthly. Cancel anytime.